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Lombardi & Donohue LLP is a California limited liability partnership. Its lawyers are licensed to practice law only in the State of California, unless otherwise indicated in an individual profile. Under certain circumstances, Lombardi & Donohue LLP attorneys may appear on behalf of clients in courts outside of California pursuant to the local rules of such courts. This website is neither an advertisement, nor a solicitation of business in any state where such use of this website may not comply with that state’s ethical rules.

Please contact us if you are interested in potential legal representation. Please note, however, that despite appropriate electronic precautions, no e-mail or other form of electronic transmission of information can be completely protected against disclosure to someone other than your intended recipient. Lombardi & Donohue LLP makes no representation that e-mail sent to the firm will be entirely private. In any event, please do not send any information that you deem to be confidential to the firm unless and until you have established an attorney-client relationship with the firm. No such relationship is established until both you and the firm agree to establish one, and neither transmission of information to the firm, nor the firm’s receipt of such information, constitutes an agreement to establish an attorney-client relationship.

If you still would like to discuss potential legal representation by Lombardi & Donohue LLP, and to inquire by way of e-mail, please direct your inquiry to the firm at or one of our other attorneys. Please provide your name, address, and phone number, the name(s) of any affiliated persons or entities, a brief description of the general nature of services you are interested in, and the name(s) of any persons or entities you anticipate having separate counsel in connection with the services you seek, so that we may check for possible conflicts of interest. Please also let us know how you heard about us, and the name(s) of anyone who referred you to us. Except where otherwise indicated, this website is the property of Lombardi & Donohue LLP.