Partner Thomas Lombardi Featured Panelist at State Bar of California’s Real Property Section Annual Retreat

Members of the State Bar of California’s Real Property Section gathered for a three day professional retreat May 4th to May 6th in Lake Tahoe that included networking events and seminars presented by attorneys recognized in the legal community for their expertise in various areas of real estate. Partner Thomas Lombardi, whose practice focuses on the representation of real estate owners and operators, joined a panel of experts to discuss new developments in California law affecting commercial and residential landlords and tenants.

The panel was moderated by Professor Myron Moskovitz. Notably, Professor Moskovitz represented the pro-rent control interveners in the seminal rent control case of Birkenfeld v. the City of Berkeley (l976) l7 Cal.3d. l29.

Mr. Lombardi shared his views and analysis on the latest legal decisions affecting California commercial real estate owners, operators and their tenants in the area of commercial landlord-tenant law. The presentation also featured a lively debate between the landlord and tenant advocates on the panel.

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